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About Barb Ruhl

Energy Healing Spiritual Life Coach in Pennsylvania

I see my life’s purpose as helping people heal within their own bodies and minds through spiritual healing.

I use a variety of modalities to help you enhance your life naturally, including hypnosis, reiki, energy healing, past life regressions, medium clairvoyance, chakra cleansing, intuitive therapies and counseling.

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What is Energy Healing

And is it right for you?

Are there obstacles or roadblocks preventing true happiness? Are you looking to move forward, but somehow feeling stuck? Are you dealing with grief or loss? Do you have health issues? Or is money creating a problem? Do you experience stress that’s impacting how you live?

I work closely with my clients to unravel the roadblocks and 'programs' that have been imprinted since birth to open their minds and their lives to a more meaningful and personally relevant calling.

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