• This amazing program will help you discover who you really are and what you truly want out of life. I learned more about myself in the first week than I had my whole life. Some good, some bad, some scary but all worth it to becoming a better person. Barb is amazing and will help you every step of the way. Enjoy the journey!!

    Theresa H.,
  • An awesome program to help manage your stress and learn to love yourself . A great way to start your day and I learn new things about myself everyday. Also a lot of support from Barb Ruhl and the group.

    Heidi G.,
  • I didn't realize how bad my anxiety/self esteem was until I started this program. I am still in the first week and it has already helped me so much. I wouldn't want to start my day without it!

    Jen A.,
  • It is a steady awakening like peeling an onion....some tears but only happy ones!

    Susan C.,
  • Barb is an AMAZING woman. I first visited her last year on my birthday after struggling with the passing of my grandmother. I was nervous the entire way to her house, but the instant she welcomed me into her house I got this overwhelming feeling of relief. I can't describe it other than it felt like all the worries, concerns, heartache I was feeling was immediately taken away. This all happened even BEFORE my session started with her. The details she described without me having to say anything was shocking. To know my grandmother still looks over my children was wonderful to hear. She is the best, my daughter loves her and my daughter doesn't like anyone.. She just has one of the kindest, most caring hearts around and my daughter can sense that. I recommend her to anyone!

    Carissa M.,
  • I thank God every day for a friend sending me to Barb, she has helped me in so many different aspects in my life. Especially with the grieving that I was going through from the loss of my father. What an amazing experience that was for me and now I can live and be happy knowing he is ok and that he really is with me every day. She recently helped me through a personal issue and was again right on the money.
    I would highly recommend Barb, she is very good at what she does and is a very caring and compassionate person. I know that I will continue to see Barb in the future when I don't have the answers because I know she does.

    Pat H.,
  • Experiencing the loss of both parents in an accident was devastating. I was introduced to Barb through a friend and went to see her with no expectations, only an open mind. Barb had never met me and did not know my story. For me, the result of our meeting was nothing short of a miracle. Barb was not only able to recount exactly what had happened to my parents, but was able to provide explicit details that filled in all the missing answers to the questions. Had I known that the information from her was going to flow so freely, I would have asked to videotape our meeting.

    I continue to draw strength in recounting the details of that meeting. Barb has been instrumental in my healing process. She has a true gift of healing; open your heart and mind to her healing touch.

    Debbie F.,