The Power of Self

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A 52 week soulful exploration to help you completely understand the power of healing within yourself.

4 reviews for The Power of Self

  1. Susan Cox (verified owner)

    Learn more about yourself, who you really are and how to create your best life!

  2. Stephanie Reigle (verified owner)

    My life has transformed since starting this program! It’s incredible how contemplating on a simple, yet
    important word every week with a guided meditation helps you understand yourself more and reveal
    where you need love and healing! I feel like I’ve got to know who I truly am because of this amazing

  3. Heidi Bender Ganse

    Through this program I have learned that I wasn’t really living my life I was existing and battling
    depression from the heavy baggage I was continually carrying. The program has helped me to begin the
    healing process. Every day is an exciting adventure.

  4. Brian Burkhart

    For me, the program really has brought TRUST to the forefront. Cause and effect, correspondence,
    vibration, attraction, love, and forgiveness. TRUST in yourself. Learning to listen to your inner guidance
    system. Being able to say NO to things that will not/do not serve us for the better. Being able to identify
    the issues that affect us, without getting stuck there. TRUST in life. Success comes to those who
    continue to push, and strive for more.

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