Using Past Life Regression Therapy to Achieve Happiness

Using Past Life Regression Therapy to Achieve Happiness

Using Past Life Regression Therapy to Achieve Happiness

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

You may have seen the subject of past life regression therapy discussed on various daytime television talk shows. And you may even have seen the actual therapy in action.

A person with a significant emotional problem is unable to come to grips with a specific incident in his or her life, or has an unexplained or unfounded fear of something. Using hypnosis, an expert in past life regression therapy takes this person back in time – not just to their early childhood years – but to their past lives. Through past life regression therapy, a person can re-live feelings, memories and visuals from previous lifetimes that one has lived through.

Once the person begins to relive his or her past lives, they can see a specific point where an event triggered their current emotional issue or fear, providing a rational explanation for it. For example, one talk show featured a woman who was deathly afraid of dolls. An expert took her back to her past lives, where she recalled an accident during which she perished, leaving her children behind. The dolls were simply a metaphor for her children, stirring up overwhelming anxiety whenever she saw one.

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But by finally having an explanation for her fear, she was able to let go of the anxious feelings and come to grips with the cause. Thanks to going through past life regression therapy, she is now living a happy, anxiety-free life.

It’s only one example. There were several on that television show, as well as others that have been documented over the years. Skeptics say there is no such thing as past life regression, that the power of suggestion is what helped this woman, as well as others, overcome fears or phobias.

Experts contend that no power of suggestion was involved. The incident recalled was from the person’s own memory. They explain that using past life regression therapy helps to resolve ongoing confusion in a person’s unconscious mind, allowing their mind to become filled with clarity about their situation.

Where are the Sources of the Memories?

Trying to imagine how a person can relive past life memories is quite confusing. After all, it’s hard to remember something that happened 10 years ago, let alone 100 or more years ago!

But the scientific community believes that past life memories are due to cryptomnesia, a narrative created by the subconscious mind using imagination, forgotten information and suggestions from the person doing the past life regression therapy.

The entire process is conducted under hypnosis. Memories created while hypnotized can often be indistinguishable from actual memories and are often more elaborate and vivid than factual ones.

Some say that the memories of your past life are like an “autobiography of your soul,” persona stories that describe who you are as a person now. As a part of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy has expanded over the last half a century and is now considered an important part of the healing arts.

Are the memories revealed during past life regression therapy credible? The jury is out – some memories are factually accurate, yet others that are described can be found in literature or movies. One person insisted he was a Japanese fighter pilot in a past life, yet couldn’t identify who the Emperor of Japan was during that time.

Major Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

While some try past life regression therapy out of curiosity, most use it for personal growth and healing. The therapy requires a trained, experienced guide who can move you through your past lives and help you recognize important milestones that may be impacting you now.

Past life regression therapy is a powerful tool that can work to transform your life and help you realize your full potential. Benefits of past life regression therapy include:

  •         Visualize personal relationships in a new way
  •         Re-energize your talents and abilities from your past
  •         Eliminate fears and anxieties triggered by past life trauma
  •         Reveal and help you understand your life purpose
  •         Provide a greater sense of inner peace

Some say that the past life regression therapy is the process of healing the soul by healing the past. It’s become a recognized form of spiritual healing, providing you with a significant awareness that you’re a lot more than just a physical body. During therapy, your soul becomes connected to a greater energy, and for those who actually experience it, they claim they feel truly at peace with themselves.

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How Past Life Regression Therapy Works

Under the guidance of a trained therapist, the process begins with hypnosis. It’s important to remember that you came into the world with a soul filled with the knowledge and scars derived from multiple previous lifetimes.

You bring memories from your past lives into your current life – unconscious memories that can have a huge impact your life today. These unconscious memories can be things from past lives that were never accomplished, failures, successes, guilt, gratitude, traumatic or sudden deaths, knowledge and love.

Frequently, memories from past lives are unresolved and they establish various patterns that are continually triggered and repeated in our present life. Depending on the memory, the patterns can be positive or negative. The impact can be huge – the memories can affect relationships, behaviors and our health.

The positive patterns can nurture different talents, impart wisdom and knowledge and energize life purpose. Negative patterns often cause destructive and compulsive behaviors, affect your judgment and form roadblocks that prevent you from achieving success.

Once you’re able to see these memories and move them from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind, you can remove the negative patterns from the present. Your positive patterns are reinforced, and your negative patterns are minimized and eliminated.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Past life regression therapy sessions are designed to be an insightful, relaxing experience. The key is to talk with a trained therapist in advance to discover the different patterns in your current life causing your problems. These patterns can also provide a “roadmap” for the therapist to help lead you to the past life source of your current problems.

Sessions can begin with deep relaxation, as well as meditation that is guided by your therapist. This is the “door opener” to find the important subconscious memories, whether they’re from the current life or from a previous one. Not surprisingly, your subconscious will begin to reveal the important and appropriate memories that can impact your current life situation. This is where healing begins.

It’s been reported that some people are able to view images from several past lives, while others simply focus on one specific past life in much greater detail. Still others may focus on memories from their current lifetime that have been repressed.

A good past life regression therapist will make sure that you have a comfortable, safe environment where you will meditate and relax as you begin your journey. This is critically important, because you may encounter traumatic memories. The good news is that this will only happen if you’re ready to discard those memories once and for all. Plus, when you release the emotional or physical trauma from your body, you’ll experience a healing moment – feeling relieved, relaxed, refreshed and more peaceful than before.

While it may seem alarming at first, some people see or experience their death in a past life. Just be assured that if this happens, you’ve reached the point where the real healing begins. Many people who undergo past life regression therapy state that reliving this type of experience brings great peace and comfort. In addition, it has tremendous therapeutic value. You’ll no longer have to fear death because you’ll come to the realization that your soul is immortal and that you’ll live again while being reunited with loved ones.

After your session, you should feel happy and peaceful. Others do say they experience feeling tired or manifest anxiety through a headache or other pain. This is normal – you’re releasing stored trauma from your mind and body, and no harm will come to you. You may also continue to recall images and memories from past lives after your session, providing you with more insight and details of your past life.

Exclusive Bonus: Want to explore past life regression? Prepare yourself with these helpful exercises!

Experienced Therapists Only!

The main caution experts agree on is to only use a past life regression therapist who has extensive experience. This is no time for a novice; nor do you want someone who has only done this type of therapy a few dozen times.

The reasons are simple: you’re delving into an area that can impact your life in multiple positive ways – if done correctly. Only a therapist with extensive experience can guide a patient through the numerous doorways that will open during a session, bringing closure, happiness and comfort to your current life and healing mental or physical pain.


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