Reiki or Theta Healing - Which Energy Healing Process Works Better?

Reiki or Theta Healing - Which Energy Healing Process Works Better?

Reiki or Theta Healing – Which Energy Healing Process Works Better?

There has been a lot of discussion and debate over that past several years as to whether Reiki or Theta healing works best. And whether it’s for emotional or physical healing, there’s no easy answer. So, how do you make sense out of what is the best type of energy healing for your specific needs?

The best way to approach the subject is to discuss the benefits of both Reiki and Theta healing, delve into what each one offers, what downsides may be at play and then help you draw your own conclusions.

Ok, Let’s Start with Reiki.

Reiki healing is designed to help you regain your inner strength. Some call it a “soul massage.” Reiki is based on using hands-on and other methods to balance the body’s energy centers or chakras. Reiki healing and meditation is based on the seven chakras of the human body, which run along the central line of the body starting from the base of the spine to the very top of the head. The philosophy is that each chakra is associated with specific diseases and conditions in the body, mind and spirit. It’s all based on energy flow within the body.

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A perfectly balanced chakra within the body means that a person can enjoy a better physical, spiritual or mental state. On the other hand, if a chakra is deemed out of balance or blocked, it can cause various diseases or negative conditions in the body, mind or spirit. It doesn’t take a lot of imbalance to cause problems; in fact, even a small blockage can cause the chakras to work well below their potential.


Think about it – for example, if you have an imbalance in the root chakra, you may experience a feeling of insecurity. Or, if there’s a blockage in the throat chakra, a person’s ability to communicate or express themselves is diminished. That’s why a complete balance of chakras within the body is so important if you want to stay healthy.

Chakra healing, or balancing and cleansing as it’s often called, relates to the process of helping the chakras function correctly. Clearing out any blockages or imbalances within the chakras often restores balance. What techniques are used to accomplish this?

Reiki healing uses many different methods to clear or rebalance the chakras, including color healing, food and sound therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, exercises, yoga and meditation. While some can be done on your own, a trained and qualified energy healer who is well versed in reading chakras can often identify the various energy centers within the body and determine which ones are functioning incorrectly.

One of the key reasons why Reiki is effective is that it energizes the body’s chakras with the energy of the universe. It’s all about a balance – your body only takes what is needed at the time you access that energy, and the Reiki practitioner’s role is to channel the universal energy into your body in order to facilitate healing.

Reiki symbols, which are likened to keys to the higher consciousness, each have their own role. They can either be drawn physically or inside the mind’s eye right before the Reiki session begins. The reason that they’re likened to keys to higher consciousness is because they help the mind become open to the energy healing that Reiki offers. In addition to symbols, there are rituals used to generate a level of energy that will stimulate different responses.

These rituals include breathing techniques which help you concentrate as well as focus on different colors. Whatever technique is used, it is designed to help you concentrate and relax while disabling your mental processes. In order to heal, you must be able to open yourself up to connect to your higher self.

Let’s Look at Theta Healing.

At its very core, Theta Healing uses techniques designed to remove a person’s limiting subconscious beliefs in order to open the door for physical healing. For people who suffer from migraines, diabetes, asthma, muscle or ligament damage, burns or broken bones, Theta Healing helps to expedite the body’s healing processes.

But, it’s not just for physical problems. Theta Healing is also used for emotional healing as well and can be helpful with depression, letting go of resentment and feelings of rejection in addition to unburdening traumatic experiences from childhood.

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While physical and emotional problems can be helped using Theta Healing practices, other conditions and problems can also be resolved. These include battling addictions like tobacco, drugs and alcohol, abuse of prescription medications, caffeine and chocolate. Bad habits like overeating, procrastination and nail biting can also be helped using Theta Healing. Finally, current and past relationships can be improved using Theta Healing techniques.


To understand how Theta Healing works, you have to look at its underlying premise: The Theta Healing technique is based on the fact that your conscious and unconscious beliefs directly impact your emotional well being, which of course impacts the well-being of your physical health.

During Theta Healing, negative beliefs are uncovered and then replaced with positive beliefs. The practitioner is able to facilitate those changes by getting the person’s brainwaves into Theta using a focused, visual meditation and prayer. This is what promotes healing.

If you’re at all familiar with Theta Healing, you’ve probably seen the term “muscle testing.” Theta Healing practitioners use it, and it’s based on your body’s electromagnetic field and how it reacts with the electromagnetic fields of all living things. Based on your emotional thoughts and feelings, your body’s electromagnetic field changes. If you’re angry, for example, your electromagnetic field may weaken; when you’re happy and in a positive mood, your electromagnetic field will strengthen.

Theta Healers perform certain tests to determine your electromagnetic field, and that’s where the term “muscle testing” comes from.

Does Reiki or Theta Healing Work Better?

Remember, there’s no pat answer - and the best answer is, “it depends.” It depends on your willingness to allow both techniques to do their job, enabling you to bring harmony within your body. Both are energy healing methods but each uses a different approach.

In both cases you’ll probably want to use a healing practitioner, so the key is to find one with whom you feel comfortable. When looking for a practitioner, ask questions. Find out how long they’ve been practicing in their respective field, what you can expect during a treatment session and how they can specifically help with your particular health problem or concern.

For Reiki practitioners, ask what level of Reiki they are, as there can be up to four levels of training - and most people say that a practitioner who is at least a Level II practitioner is the one to use. Review client comments or testimonials to get a feel for the practitioner and find one that you think would be a comfortable fit.

For Theta Healing practitioners, you want to also find someone you feel comfortable with, either by asking direct questions of by reviewing their client comments and testimonials. Talk about your health concerns, and ask how Theta Healing can make a difference.

For both Reiki and Theta Healing, don’t limit yourself to physical issues or conditions. You’ll find that the rebalancing of the chakras in Reiki also works to help with emotional problems, influencing both mind and spirit as well.

Theta Healing can help with relationships, financial problems, personal growth and a host of other issues in addition to health problems. Using focused meditation techniques, a Theta Healing practitioner will work with you to help facilitate powerful transformations in your life.


Combining Techniques

While the discussion has been Reiki versus Theta Healing and their respective effectiveness, there’s nothing that says you can’t combine both for an even better outcome. There are many different energy healing options available, so why not make the most of what they offer?

Reiki practitioners and Theta Healing practitioners employ both techniques in their practices, working under the premise that if you try combining different methods and they work, you should continue using them. So, how does combining Reiki and Theta Healing work?

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Practitioners have stated that you begin the Reiki process as you would normally, making symbols, checking aura and blockages and performing the healing. When it’s implemented in the Theta level of meditation, as it would be in Theta Healing, it simply works faster and more effectively than a normal Reiki healing process.

Simply be open-minded to the various energy healing options that are available to you, try various combinations and if they work for you - use them! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to energy healing, and different people react differently to the various techniques that are employed. By being willing to experience the various modalities, you’ll be doing yourself or your clients a service that can expedite the healing process.

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